Alert – Huguenots of Spitalfields!

I haven’t written here for some time. I’m afraid I’ve found almost too much fascinating family history information to describe here in one go and have taken a break to sort it all out and make sense of it. I’ve also had the practical and slightly more pressing matter of starting an online shop, DUCKFoOT TRADING which everyone is of course welcome to come and visit.

The reason for posting today is to let everyone who may be interested in the Huguenot weavers of Spitalfields in East London that there is a special festival on at the moment called Huguenot Threads with lots of fascinating events taking place all week.  The Town House, 5 Fournier Street, Spitalfields is also creating a family history Huguenot map is on their wall during July and August. If you have ancestors who lived in Spitalfields, get along to the shop or you can contact them at the link above or on their Facebook Page to add information you have.

While I’m about it, if you’ve never read the Gentle Author’s Spitalfields Life blog, its time you did! Fascinating reading and fabulous images from the past and present!

I will eventually be back to explain the Mecham story – until then, thanks for reading and have a lovely summer.

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